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Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the cage we bought from you. It is wonderful! My ferrets are so much happier now. Thank you for the terrific product and excellent service. I would recommend you to anyone who needs this kind of product. Thanks!


Hi, I just wanted to say that I ordered your litterbox and got it a few days ago. Now, my five year old ferret was always great about using her box. But my two young ones hated it. For the past two years, they've used contractor's paper and piddle pads inside the cage as their toilet area.

In about a half day, your litterbox had all three of my ferrets using it and not making accidents. I was a little skeptical, before, about how well it worked (even though I'd heard only good things), thinking my guys would be the exception.

Apparently, they weren't, and I couldn't be happier. So basically, thank you, and you make a wonderful product that really works!


Ordered your 24" litter pan & it arrived the next day. Thank you. Also, this litter pan is fantastic. My ferrets really use it. I was skeptical when ordering it, but it has to be the best pan available. I am very happy with it & with the results.

It should be around 4" longer to fit perfect in the cage. When I can arrange it into my budget I will be ordering a larger one from you.
Again, thank you. I am so pleased with it.

Thank you very much for the best ferret cage on the market! This is my 5th cage I have had and is by far the best. I received my box today and am very impressed. I am so glad I found your website. My ferret loves it. He was a little unsure at first but made himself right at home. There is so much room! I also feel he is safe there. I will be a long time customer. Thanks again.

I received the cage the other day, and as usual this is the nicest cage I have ever bought. Now that I have found you, I will never buy from anyone else. I believe this is my fourth one. I do wildlife rehabilitation, and these cages are so useful and sturdy. The sizes are wonderful and the fact that you can put wheels on most of them, make cleaning around the cages really helpful. I have given your site to some of my friends and also given some of your cages to them. These are by far the best cages we have ever seen. Thank you once again.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and say what a wonderful web site and selection of ferret products you have. I prefer ordering from you over places like or Your prices are comparable if not better and your shipping is more reasonable. I've begun to purchase all my ferret foods strictly from you as well as purchasing items like your beautiful paw print blanket to donate to the ferret rescue I fundraise for. I am very grateful to find such a well organized and well run site as yours. A real pleasure doing business with you.


My box arrived today. I must compliment you on your excellent customer service.

Thank you so much for sending the cage and accessories so quickly! My ferrets love it, and they actually enjoy being in their cage! Your cages are not only the best for ferrets, but they are a great price as well!

Thank you!

Your ferret Q&A and Ferret History information is excellent. I've made 8 presentations this summer regarding ferrets and I used your information as my guide. Phenomenal.

West Michigan Ferret Connection

TestimonalYou have the best cages and bedding. I have two of your 3 level 24" cages. But I'm running out of room so I had to go to a 2 level this time. I have 7 precious fuzzies and they are all outfitted with your stuff. Only the best for my critters!


TestimonalA lot of the stuff I see in pet stores and other pet shops makes me cringe.


Thanks for having many great products!!



Received the hanging tent over the weekend. As always, a wonderful and good quality product. My two babies love it. It is a bonus to purchase products from someone who not only has ferrets (plus other animals) but is an expert on them. I wasn't buying from just a manufacturer who just sells for the purpose of only making money. There is thought and care in your products. They are functional, and most of all safe!

Thank you and take care,

I received my "new" sides for my new ferret cage and got everything put together. My ferrets just love their new home! thank you so much for adding the ramp covers. It is so much easier on their little feet. Since both these ferrets have been rescued (one showed up on a guys back porch!) they were not potty trained. They absolutely love your potty box and I have had no accidents as of yet.

Thank you, again, for making my order right; I so appreciate your company's customer service. Will I use you again? YES!!!!! Will I recommend you to others? YES!!!!!


The 3-floor cage I bought from you is the best cage on the market. I just spent a lot of money while I was in Iraq on a cage that didn't even have ramps. The ferret had to climb through tubes. I didn't mind spending money again for your cage with full floors that were covered with washable material. I don't fear that Stanley will fall or hurt his feet. There's finally enough room for a ferret to live comfortably and stretch out. This is the only cage I found that has full floors. I'm comfortable with it and so is my buddy. It's worth every penny I spent. I only wish I bought the cage before I left on my year-long deployment.

Thank you.

I never thought I would send an email like this in my lifetime, but I just wanted to send a short note to tell you that you Custom Commode is the best litter box on the market for ferrets. I purchased one of them from you about two and a half years ago and it is still being used. Our three ferrets, Maile, Shingen & Poki, seem to like it alot as they "hit the box" ALOT more than before I got the Custom Commode. Plus, there is less 'mess' to clean up everyday, which makes me a happier camper! ;-)

I also purchased the Ferret Vet video from you and gave it as a give to our local vet. They really appreciated even though it was in English and most of their staff speaks only Japanese.... But, some of the vets I have been to speak pretty good English. Did I mention I live in Japan?

Thanks again! Scott

Just a quick thank you for the beautiful condo and bedding we received. I always thought they looked great on the screen, but the pictures don't do justice. As the owner of 13 ferrets, it was high time for another cage and I am so happy I found your site. In fact, I may getting ready to place another order as it seems I may be adopting 4 more over the weekend.

Once again, thanks bunches!

I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I ordered the Tri-Level cage in the beginning of July. Not only do I love it for it's convienence, but my Ferrets Preston and Fred, are so happy. They have so much space to run around and hang out. I love it!! The most important thing to me was their safety. You're website was the only one I came across with that in mind. I'm so thankful I found your website! Also, I want to say a special thank you to Angela. You were so quick to respond to my e-mails. You have a great business going and you have a longtime customer here!

Thanks Again,

My ferrets are loving the new cage. I have 2 ferrets of my own and my roommate had 2, but she bought one more and now has three. She said you can just tell how much happier they are with all the room in the new cage... compared to the one that we got from the pet store (no floors like the one I bought from you, but just 3 shelves). I looked every where for a new cage for the lil buggers cuz I felt bad that they didnt have enough room. I just couldnt find a cage that looked like it would be enough space... then i came across your site, and found the "ferrets dream cage". I just want to say thank you for carrying things like this that are for the comfort of our pets rather then something cheaply made to comfort the lining of a wallet. It means a lot to me, also the ferrets, and im going to send everyone that I can to your site.

Thanks again!!!

I have recently ordered a Slumber Slipper for my ferret's birthday. It got here amazingly quick!! It is wonderful, it looks so comfy. I also wanted to let you know how much I love your products!! They are so durable and crafted nicely. I have three ramp covers and they hold up awsome, I have washed them more times than I can count, earmites are running around in the cage and I have to wash bedding every other day. I have also ordered a litter box from you a while ago, and it fits perfectly with the other four that take up the bottom of the cage I have now. I'm hoping to one day order a whole matching set of bedding from you.

Thanks again,

I Received the cage! The photos on line are deceptive. I know you have the deminsions, but it didn't prepare me for how big it is. My kids love it! They have so much room to play and lounge around in, I am just thrilled. Again, thank you for your quick attention to my emails and for such a wonderful line of products. 

Regards... Gloria

I purchased bedding, floor covers, ramp covers and a litter box commode. I absolutely love all of your products. They are outstanding. My ferrets (Fiesta and Rascal) sink right into the "dream circle" bed and fall fast asleep. The litter box commode is awesome. It gives both my ferrets plenty of room to do their "business" together (when eager to come out and play) or alone. It's very easy to clean and is great for keeping a check on stool consistency and color since the commode is clear. They also have a dream house to sleep in. I especially like the flooring that is flat so they can stretch out and sleep which they enjoy every night. Sometimes I see tails hanging out at one end and paws handing out the other. Talk about stretching out for a snooze! The double sleeper is a keeper too! My ferrets love to sleep and play inside. They peek out and "dook" at each other and wrestle inside.

The ramp covers are great for ferret piggies. My ferrets now go up and down the ramps with ease. Sometimes they slide down the ramps for fun. Now I don't have to worry about their feet getting stuck or their pads being injured. All of your bedding and flooring products are well constructed easy to install and durable for washing. The color selection is fabulous! Thanks Crafty Creatures!!!!!!
Eileen Wiest
Phila, PA

I wanted to tell you that as a proud owner of six cute little fuzzies, this cage and bedding is by far the best I have ever had. I highly recommend these products to all ferret owners.  I have shown my vet what I use in case he gets any questions from other ferret owners about cages and bedding! 

Thank you, 
Anita Smith

Thanks for the shipment. I got it set up last night and Elvis is enjoying his new, much larger, more comfortable enclosure. The product was great, just as it was advertised, I'll be sure to add the little extras, (ramp pads and such) next paycheck. Again Elvis and I thank you for a great product.

David L. Pelletier

Just wanted to write and say this ferret commode is great - so much better than corner boxes. I have 5 ferrets and two large cages joined by bubble tubes. This is so much better that I am going to order one for the 2nd cage also.

Thank you,
Pamela Hornsby

Your products are excellent...believe me, I definitely did allot of research on cages and accessories, and I just keep coming back to yours. Now that it is set up, I love it (as does Merlin). I have it in our master suite, and it is so nice that it does not stand out as a "cage"...the colors are great! I also love having the wheels on it, makes it easier to move around. Of course, Merlin loves to crawl under the cage so I am very careful. Anyway, thank you again for designing a cage a ferret (and his mommy) can love!



My name is Diana and I recently ordered several products from your website. I received my items a couple of days ago and just wanted to write and thank you for the swiftness as well as the awesome quality of your products. I'm sure my fuzzies will enjoy them all. I look forward to doing more business with you in the future. Thanks again!

Just wanted to thank you for such wonderful products. They look terrific in our cage. And our little Sterling loves them.

Thanks again.
Sheila Kellogg

I placed an order on 11/13 and received it yesterday. It was for 2 Ferr-itsies. They are absolutely adorable!

I just wanted to drop you a line and say how impressed that I am with the fast shipping and the quality of the items! They are wonderful!

Keep up the great work, and I look forward to doing more business with you in the very near future!

Angela Huser

Hi, I had one of your Ferret Candles sent as a gift to a friend and she was very, very pleased. She said it was wrapped so nice and the card was wonderful. She said it is so lovely that she placed it in her china cabinet with her precious possessions.


I want you thank you for a superior product and being able to trust you to wrap and pack it so nicely. I am very grateful and can't thank you enough. I will definitely buy from you again.

Sincerely, Teresa Thompson

P.S. Your Heidi story is a real tear jerker. All your stuff looks adorable. Thank you again, its nice to know there are still good people making an honest living out there in cyber land.

Thank you SO much for sending the food so quickly.  My little guys LOVE it.  They've been on Totally Ferret for the past 2 1/2 years and it just kept getting so expensive as time went on, that I needed something a little less.  With four ferrets and 3 cats and 3 dogs that steal ferret food whenever they can, it gets to be expensive.  We'll keep on ordering it from you whenever we run out.  This Spring as well, we will be ordering a new cage from you after we move and figure out what will fit and where.



Thank you so much for your flexibility with my order! I love your products and your website, and will definitely continue to use whenever I can!
You guys are great!

Another satisfied customer,
Laura Comroe

We just had to write and say thank you for the promptness of our order, which we received Saturday. We absolutely love the cage mats - especially the fact that they have clips! Our kids love to burrow under the mats & bunch them up - this will help alleviate that problem! Plus, I love my earrings & zipper pull & our new Ferretsie ornament - I am looking at him as I type this!
Again, thank you!!

Judy & Cliff (& the fuzzies, Buttons, Frisky & Snickerdoodle


I'm writing to tell you how much I love your website. I just found it today, and there are so many good products on it, for such reasonable prices.

I got my first ferret, Cinnamon, five years ago, and now have a nice "collection" of five. We adopted two of the five from newspaper ads. Needless to say, they needed a lot of TLC.

I saw that you have an ad in the annual Ferrets USA magazine. We got Cinnamon's picture in that magazine, for the "Up to No Good" photo contest. He got an honorable mention. (Our names are Ellen & Miakel Roberts.) That is such a great magazine, isn't it.

Well, speaking from experience, you have got a great website with wonderful products for ferrets. I am so glad to have found it, and I wanted to thank you for putting together such a comprehensive site.

~Ellen Roberts~


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