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We are proud to present to you our collection of links. Click on any of them to gain more information, or use them to surf on to the next ferrety site


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Links to other ferrety sites

Californians For Ferret Legalization
An Umbrella Organization Representing Hundreds of Thousands of Ferret Enthusiasts in California

South Florida Ferret Help Line
Formerly the South Florida Ferret Club & Rescue - providing referral and information services for the South Florida ferret community


Ferret Rescue & Education Society
A non-profit charitable organization for ferret enthusiasts currently serving Southern Alberta.


Triangle Ferret Lovers
TriFL is the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill, North Carolina, area's club for ferret enthusiasts

Ferret Fuzzies
Ferret Fuzzies are ferret blankets made of soft, sweatshirt fleece and come in a rainbow of colors. They are loved by all, ferret and human alike. Each FERRET FUZZY is hand-made and100% of the purchase price goes to support the Broward Ferret Rescue and Referral service. All materials and labor are donated to make this possible.


Club Med Ferrets
Club Med Ferrets is a non-profit, for charity organization dedicated to helping ferrets in need. We sell tons of great items like shirts, mugs, hats and much more featuring beautiful ferret artwork. ALL proceeds go to ferret shelters and rescues!

Ferret Central
Huge ferret resources site


Ferrets Info Source
Information about ferrets and ferret history.

Ferret Universe
Large resource of ferret information: Health/diseases, care, Veterinarians, Shelters, drug database, understanding CBC/Chem panel results, home glucose monitoring, common acronyms, abbreviations, terminology and much more.

My Lil’ Fundraiser Page
Custom key chains, rear-view mirror charms and zipper-pulls to help raise money for ferret shelters. Each month a different shelter will profit from sales. Their contact information will be included if you want to make a separate donation or to find out more information about their cause.


Little Critters Site
The Little Critter Lover's Online Directory.

Wildlife & Exotic Rescues
Dedicated to all those who work unselfishy around the clock helping injured, abused and needy animals of all kinds!

Ferret Health List


Ferret Bumper Stickers

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Links to other sites on the web

My Creation
A doorway to hundreds of Artists, Craftsman and Inventors. Also features a "Website Resource" area very useful for creating or improving your website and for increasing targeted traffic.

A world of imagination and intrigue, featuring art, poetry and an online store.



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