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Swollen and Bloody Anus:


hi, I have a female ferret & shes only 2months old, well the day I brought her home which was 3 days ago she had a blotchy red anus and now its a little red & swollen. I read to put A&D ointment on it, I did that but she wants to keep licking it off, I was wondering if this could harm her to ingest it. Also she is using the litter box rather freqently & I'm worried.. she couldnt have ingested anything off the ground because I ferret proofed a whole bedroom for her.. if you could email me back i would appreciate it. thanks for your time.


It sounds as if she may have a prolapsed rectum which is being caused by the diarrhia. She could have intestinal parasites and require some antibiotics. Where did you get her? If it was a pet shop then they may have a vet who works with them and he should be able to care for her under your guarantee. You must get her to the vet!!!


You need to make sure she stays hydrated and it would be a good idea to buy her some Gerbers CHICKEN Babyfood and give it to her, it is high in protein, easy to digest and will is liquid, try to get her to eat 3-4 teaspoonsful with a teaspoon of water. Use your finger and if she will not eat it then use an eyedropper. Do not shoot the food down her throat as it can cause pneumonia if it gets into the lungs.


The prolapse may resolve itself when the diarrhia stops, but if it doesn't it may need a 'purse string' stitch to fix it, you must see a vetas diarrhia untreated could be fatal in such a tiny ferret and the cause of the diarrhia needs to be found. She could have parasites from where she was before you got her, especially if the area was not clean.


I came across your web site and I have a question, I have had my Ferret for 2.5 years and she was 1 when I got her, for the past few days I have been seeing her rub her bum on the ground after going to the washroom, and she has also stopped going in her litter box, she seems to prefer the corner of my room lately, I took a look today and It looks like the inside of her butt is coming out?!?! I am sooo concerned but I am a student and I don't by any means have any money to take her to the vet, if I had anything I would, I love her so much, and I make sure I feed her the best food, except she doesn't really like ferret treats that much, but she loves cat treats, so I give her one of those instead (the kitten kind) I went to a pet store they said that was okay... but now I don't know what's wrong with her and I'm kind of freaking out... her personality is exactly the same! she is happy and cuddly and very loving! (I know this is not exactly the way most ferrets are, but she has always been like this) I don't want anything bad to happen to her... I just need to know if this is a huge concern and if there is anything I can do...


From your description it sounds as if she has a PROLAPSE, you will need to get her to a FERRET KNOWLEDGABLE VET, if you do not know one, then check with your local ferret shelter, they should be able to recommend their vet, or someone close to you. A prolapse requires a 'purse string' stitch to correct and if not done she will bleed profusely.

If you cannot afford to pay, why don't you ask if you can make payments, or perhaps volunteer your services at the vet's office, they are not heartless and most likely will work something out with you. Your ferret deserves the best care possible.



We have a 1 1/2 yr old male ferret "Meeko". Sometimes when he poops his tush looks red, and a little bloody, no blood present in the stool. He likes to rub his bum after going to the bathroom. It looks like hemeroids in a human when he goes. He is healthy and eats everything we don't tie down or have out of his reach! Is this something I should be worried about or should I try more fiber in his diet? If so what?

This is called a prolapsed rectum and you may need to see a vet. Is his poop runny, or have you changed his diet recently? Has he been around other animals and maybe picked up parasites, if so he will need his stool checked. Here is some info for you and also a recommended treatment to make him feel better until you see a vet:


Often seen in very young ferrets that are on a hard kibble diet too soon. Usually caused by diarrhea. When there is nothing firm for the colon to push against (such as firm stool), the rectum may be pushed out. If the ferret checks out medically, then treat symptomatically by applying a cream of Preparation H and 0.5% cortisone three times daily and after every bowel movement. One vet recommends Anusol HC-1. It combines the cortisone into the meds. In severe, recurring cases, a purse string suture may be needed.


This was taken from: Going to this site will give you many answers to HEALTHCARE problems.


I have a quick question. I have had the pleasure of owning a baby male ferret for about 2 weeks now. I just noticed today that her anus is really red and sore, i was wondering what this might be, and what i can do to ease her pain. She has been rubbing her behind on the floor alot, and i have noticed her always crying now. If he isnt out with me, and is alone in his cage he screams and crys ALOT! and i was wondering if that was normal, or has something to do with her sore behind.

The reason he is crying is because he misses his mother and siblings, can you give hima baby blanket and a "safe" soft toy for him to cuddle with.


Does he have any diarhhia, as that is what causes the 'rectal prolapse' that you are seeing, it is sore, kinda like a person with hemarhoids. Wash his little butt under lukewarm (make sure it is lukewarm on your elbow, NOT your hand) running water. Just dab dry with a soft facecloth, do NOT rub.


Take about 1/2 inch of 'A&D OINTMENT' AND GENTLY PUSH THE LITTLE PROLAPSE BACK, LEAVING A LITTLE OINTMENT ON THE ANUS, SO IT PROTECTS WHEN GOING POOP! You can buy the ointment at the grocery store it is used for diaper rash in babies.


If it still does not look better tomorrow, you may need to see a ferret knowlegable vet, as sometimes it is necessary to use a 'purse string stitch' to attach it back inside. PLEASE DO NOT LET IT GO UNATTENDED, IT IS VERY PAINFUL AND SORE.


I brought home a baby female 3 days ago. Her stool seemed normal the first 2 days, but today I noticed her anus was swollen and bloody. I have been feeding regular ferret food to her and my other boy. Could this be the cause of her condition? I cleaned the area with a warm, wet tissue and applied A&D ointment. She is very active and is eating and drinking fairly well. How concerned should I be? Should I take her to the vet right away?

Is she having any diarrhea, as sometimes this can cause a rectal prolapse? Did you notice the swelling before, when you first brought her home? If she is quite young, you may want to moisten her food in a separate dish placed next to the kibble so it will be easier for her to eat. If you have switched food from the diet she was on, this too can cause some gastric disturbances which may be the cause of the the swollen anus. Unfortunately there is another reason for a 'prolapsed rectum' and that is associated with the descenting of the ferret. If it continues then you may have to take her to a ferret knowledgeable vet for them to do a 'purse string suture' to hold the rectum in place and hopefully that should do the trick. Until then wash her under gently running warm water, then pat dry with a soft cloth and continue applying the AD ointment, it should help.


My baby ferret is deaf. I've been thinking of taking him to the vet also cause he chews on newspaper and anything he can get on and his anus is swollen and red. If you ever heard of this problem can you help me and tell what I can do to help him?

I would recommend a vet visit soooooon! It sounds as if he has a prolapsed anus and it may need a stitch. Since he is a baby you may be able to go to the petshop where you purchased him and let them see BEFORE you go to the vet as they may be able to pay toward the cost of your vet bill. If he is chewing so much on things it could be because he is cutting teeth, so why don't you provide him with some CHEWEASELS they are made specifically for this reason and will help him through this difficult time. He may also be chewing as his anus is sore and making him uncomfortable. You will need to sit him in a bowl of warm water with a little salt dissolved in it, that will heel some of the redness, plus you could get some AD ointment in the baby section of the grocery store or the pharmacy and use it until you get to the vet. Please keep me informed about little fellow.


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