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I have recently just took on a baby ferret who was born paralyzed. She can walk using her front legs only, her other legs just drag behind her, can you please tell me is there anything i can do to help her. Her spine also seems to dip in the bottom, I have heard so many things I thought I would try and ask you. She is under weight at the moment as she came from a big litter do you think she could gain some use of her legs? If so, how do I get her to use them? Also, is it fair keeping her alive? She is happy to greet me when I feed her and she doesn't make any noise when I massage her back legs.


She may have been born with a deformity, or she has a break in her spine. You really need to take her for an X-ray to see if there is a break in the spine, there is not a treatment for that. How old is she? Is she cognizant of eliminating or does she just go wherever she is? She will need a large area that she can move about so she doesn't have to sit in her urine and poop. She can live a relatively happy life but will need constant attention to keep her clean. I have had several paralyzed ferrets and they do need around the clock care.


To help her gain weight you need to buy her some Gerbers baby food (second stage/blue label), just Chicken/Turkey and feed her about 2-3 teaspoonfuls with a teaspoon of water, 2-3 times a day.


I have a 6year old ferret that can not move her legs. she acts like she is paralyzed but she can scoot around by moving her front legs. she will eat and drink if I help her. Could it be possible that she has had a stroke?


At 6 years of age there could be several reasons for her paralysis. Is she urinating herself, as many paralyzed ferrets need help? Please make sure she is, if not you need to get her to the vet as soon as possible, or she will be in deep trouble!

Could she have fallen and damaged her spine? Your vet can take an X-ray to determine if there is any damage. If so, there is nothing you will be able to do, but make her comfortable and make sure she is able to drink and eat on her own.

The other reason for paralysis in older ferrets is due to 'tumors' of one kind or another. Your vet will be able to determine what kind of tumor she may have either by an X-ray, or by doing a blood test.

As far as her having a stroke, it could be possible, but there are so many different causes, that it would be better for you to find out what it is. You need to make an appointment with a 'ferret knowledgeable vet' right away and get her in there for a diagnosis, before she suffers any more.


Hello I adopted a ferret that was hurt by a customer at a local pet store. The incident left her back legs paralyzed. She's improved quite a bit since I got her. My question is how can I set up a cage that's going to be suitable for her AND for another able ferret. It seems the two are not compatible. I was hoping that you would have a few suggestions on making a large 6 story cage easier for her to use. Right now it's a brand new cage and the ramps and shelves are just way too slippery for her to grip enough to pull her backend around.


A ferret with complete paralysis in the back end cannot climb or have any sensation when using the bathroom, which presents a problem for keeping the ferret clean. If this is the case you might want to put her in a playpen completely lined with sheets that you can just pick up and wash.


All of the ferrets I have had that were paralyzed required special care to keep them clean. Plus if they have nerve damage in the spine, climbing or even falling could make it worse, plus create tremendous pain.


As far as the cage you have, even with the ferret that can navigate well, those shelves andladders can be quite dangerous if the ferret loses it's footing, which often happens and many a ferret has broken a leg or even their back.


My advice would be to make them complete floors either with more shelves, or buy some wire and make your own. If it is possible to make a complete floor for your injured ferret, that is where I would keep her, you can let her out for exercise.


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